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This is Graeme’s suggested article: Braider

This article talks about some of the recent studies of Paul’s conversion in relation to the Caravaggio and Tintoretto: Golberg

Many great thinkers, from Heidegger to Benjamin, Scholem and recently Agamben and Badiou have commented on the biblical texts about Saint Paul. Badiou’s book especially caused a new surge of interest on the subject as Badiou argued that Paul offers us a paradigm of a militant of radical politics. His reading, of course, has nothing to do with religion and is entirely aetheist, and is focused on the concepts like subjectification, fidelity and encarnation of an Idea.

Agamben wrote his own text somewhat in rhetorics against Badiou’s. But like Badiou, he too is reading Paul to reflect on philosophic concepts. The following are the full text of two of Agamben’s books that have very little to do with Paul. Chapter four of Remenants of Auschwitz contains a discussion of the modes of subjectification and desubjectification of the author, and the witness.  The short essay in Means Without Ends with the title of “The Face” also philosophizes the concept of a face in a political context. It is easy to notice that many of the terms and concepts that appear in the two article also appear in the book chapters. But that’s where easiness ends. The two articles and the two chapters are fairly demanding (the chapter from Means Without Ends is not that bad though). So yeah, lets talk about them at some point.

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