President – Blake Frederick

Opposed to the other two candidates for President, it seems Blake Frederick may actually have some critical politics behind him. Contra the ambivalent generalities in the statements from the other candidates, in his platform for President and Board of Governors (BoG) Student Representative, Blake cuts to the chase and actually identifies his political goals! To gloss over these goals: bringing increasing tuition to the forefront (it has doubled in the last six years; international student tuition is the highest in Canada); pressure the University to increase student housing on campus and explore options for an AMS housing co-op; continue the push for adequate childcare on campus and increase funding for it; prioritize independent review of systemic discrimination in the AMS; and continue the drive to save the UBC Farm. In terms of governance, Blake aims to change the University Act so that the BoG is elected and includes greater student representation; to refocus the AMS’ government advocacy priorities provincially, where it has the most impact on University funding and tuition policy; and to initiate student consultations on the impact of the 2010 Olympics on campus. Even if he accomplishes half of these goals he would be just the thing needed for the AMS. Blake Frederick has been involved in campus politics for some time: this year he worked both inside and outside of the AMS, in the capacity of Associate VP of External Affairs and as an elected Senator in the UBC Senate.

Blake is someone who not only sees the potential for the AMS, but also has the experience to realize this potential. With Blake’s election, the AMS will have a president who will finally take a stand on issues. We are even more excited with his expressed desire to address the more systemic problems, which instigate student issues as “issues” in the first place.


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