Candidates and Endorsements

It is generally pointless to conduct interviews with the candidates for the AMS elections or cover their debates. In appearance all of them are there to make the student life more interesting, improve how the AMS is running, democratize UBC, save the UBC Farm and indeed make the world a better place for the human kind. In practice, most of them are participating in the elections, either because they have nothing better to do to waste their time, or think of the AMS positions as great resume boosters. A few are seriously in the competition to fight the devil and bring good to UBC students, but even most of the more honest candidates barely know where to find the devil and how to battle it. We could really find no more than four candidates, out of the twenty one, who can be taken seriously. Here we have our short write ups in their support.

Blake Fredrick – AMS President

Tim Chu – VP External

Tristan Markle – VP Admin

Ale Coates – VP Finance

Blake Fredrick and Tristan Markle – For the Board of Governors and to fight the windmills


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